les do makeup x dime

introducing les do makeup x dime. the lifestyle vlogger partnered with dime to drop a limited edition collection of stunning sunglasses.

always a slay. for shades that make you feel glam, confident, and captivating, it's gotta be les do makeup x dime.
with it girl energy and chic baddie vibes, these frames are made to make every moment feel like a photo op.


what led you to collaborate with dime optics for this collection?

i’ve always loved accessorizing with sunglasses and i live in the sun city where sunglasses are a must. to have an opportunity to work with an amazing brand like DIME was a no brainer :)

how would you describe the aesthetic of this collection?

this collection’s aesthetic was inspired by it being the last collection, very much going out and “last call”.. get it? my last collection.

how do you want people to feel when wearing your collection?

i want people to feel confident in my sunglasses and be able to easily style them.

What made you want to start your career as a beauty influencer?

i never really planned to start a career as an influencer- it kind of just happened for me. i’ve always loved beauty and sharing my personality and skills online and that’s what got me into this industry.

out of all your accomplishments, what are you the most proud of?

i’ve had a lot of accomplishments i’m extremely proud of, but if i had to choose one it would be being able to provide for my loved ones.

it feels like you've created a really positive community online. Why is positivity so important?

i think the positive community i’m surrounded by is just a reflection of what i enjoy bringing to the industry. everyone has hard times and i like to be playful and try to bring positivity to my online community.