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dime x sightsavers

at dime, we’re all about action, and our partnership with sightsavers helps us provide life-changing vision treatments to people in need.

Dime cat eye sunglasses

with every pair you buy, you help give someone else the gift of better sight.

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globally 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment. nearly half of visual impairments can be treated or prevented.

- The World Health Organization

vision is power

at dime, we believe that vision is power, and we are committed to making sure that everyone has access to vision care.

through our partnership with sightsavers and your generosity, we can help children worldwide get access to the care they need.

thanks for helping make a difference in our world!

this is fashion with a purpose, where every purchase you make helps provide the gift of sight.
help someone in need by clicking the link below.

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